As Wales’ independent commissioners for Children and for Future Generations we have distinct roles but common interests. We want to enable public bodies to put children’s rights to be safe, healthy and to flourish here and now at the centre of their planning and delivery. We also want to ensure that they plan for the long-term – for the rest of the lives of children living in their communities now, and for future generations still unborn.

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A collaboration 
between the 
Future Generations 
Commissioner & 
the Childrens 
for Wales

Ceredigion – Children, Young people and families’ support continuum

In 2015, Ceredigion issued new Team Around the Family Guidance for practitioners working with children, young people and their families based on the Department of Health Child & Family assessment framework i.e Child’s Development/ Family & Social Relationships/Community. The development of the continuum model was designed to assist service-users to consider aspects of their own wellbeing rather than relying on a worker to undertake this on their behalf. Each support service (universal and targeted) has been mapped against the continuum and is coordinated in response the service-users’ self-identified well-being score. The model has enabled more effective coordination of services in response to escalating and de-escalating needs.