As Wales’ independent commissioners for Children and for Future Generations we have distinct roles but common interests. We want to enable public bodies to put children’s rights to be safe, healthy and to flourish here and now at the centre of their planning and delivery. We also want to ensure that they plan for the long-term – for the rest of the lives of children living in their communities now, and for future generations still unborn.

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A collaboration 
between the 
Future Generations 
Commissioner & 
the Childrens 
for Wales

Reviewing Involvement

Return to how your work will continue to involve citizens and stakeholder:

  • How many children were involved in the planning, delivery and review of the project/well-being objective?
  • How were children’s views taken account of during the decision-making process?
  • Are children’s involvement arrangements clearly connected to organisational leadership structures?
  • How were the National Children and Young People’s Participation Standards used to guide the design of the involvement process?
  • How has your organisation adopted the National Children and Young People’s Participation Standards?
  • How has your work been shaped by key stakeholders affected by the project, and particularly their needs and challenges?
  • What has changed as a result of children’s input?
  • How will children affected by your work continue to influence your work throughout its life?