As Wales’ independent commissioners for Children and for Future Generations we have distinct roles but common interests. We want to enable public bodies to put children’s rights to be safe, healthy and to flourish here and now at the centre of their planning and delivery. We also want to ensure that they plan for the long-term – for the rest of the lives of children living in their communities now, and for future generations still unborn.

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A collaboration 
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Future Generations 
Commissioner & 
the Childrens 
for Wales

Swansea council – children and young people’s rights scheme – children’s rights and workforce development

To support the effective implementation of their own commitment to pay due regard to the UNCRC, Swansea Council established a Children and Young People’s Rights Scheme. Part of this Scheme involves providing training and supporting services to think about how the UNCRC applies to their day-to-day running and how children’s rights can be practically applied or embedded into service infrastructure. The suite of training programmes have included a UNCRC-specific online training course, bespoke training for staff, partners and other stakeholders and bespoke training to support schools to achieve UNICEF’s Rights Respecting status. To date, 1654 people from across the council (senior leadership, Cabinet and scrutiny members, early years, schools, youth services and PREVENT) have participated in children’s rights workforce development opportunities.