As Wales’ independent commissioners for Children and for Future Generations we have distinct roles but common interests. We want to enable public bodies to put children’s rights to be safe, healthy and to flourish here and now at the centre of their planning and delivery. We also want to ensure that they plan for the long-term – for the rest of the lives of children living in their communities now, and for future generations still unborn.

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A collaboration 
between the 
Future Generations 
Commissioner & 
the Childrens 
for Wales

Tell Children About Their Rights and Provide Appropriate Information

  • How are children supported to be meaningfully involved in decision-making? How are they empowered to learn about, access and claim their rights outlined in the UNCRC? Are they supported to learn new skills that will benefit their involvement in decision-making?
  • Are involvement arrangements and information materials published in language and format accessible to children’s needs?